Flood Control Canada offers a full design, manufacture and installation service for heavy duty sliding floodgates.

Each sliding flood gate is individually designed for the specific customer’s requirements and can be designed to incorporate automation of closure, locking and monitoring status where needed. The gate slides horizontally and covers the protected opening and is stored in the open-position for fast-acting deployment in the event of a flood.

These floodgates incorporate spring wheels to allow an easy sliding operation with the ability to compress gaskets when in position.  Alternatively, inflating gaskets can be used.

Flood Control Canada’s flood gates are designed for dependable flood protection whilst maximising access availability.  This system is the ideal flood protection for commercial buildings, storefronts, loading docks and any opening with limited swing space. We have a unique design that allows flood gates to be designed to operate on a dead level threshold, allowing unrestricted vehicular, pedestrian and disabled access.  This is a game changer in terms of having full flood resilience whilst maintaining operability in sites.

Double gates are available up to 24m (78ft) wide and 2.7m (8ft) high and single gates 10m (32ft) wide and 4m (13ft) high.

We provide engineering CAD or PDF drawings of all flood gate installations, to ensure they integrate correctly with the whole scheme designed.



Swing-hinged flood gates are permanently installed at your opening and ideal for locations where a threshold is possible.  The aluminum construction results in a lightweight and easy to use gate that provides full flood protection. Our steel gates can be supplied up to 6.4m (21ft) wide and 4.4m (14ft) high.

These flood gates (aluminum and steel) are designed for extreme weather durability to give a lifetime of service; the custom gaskets are designed to perform after prolonged compression, the gates are lockable and have anti-theft and vandal resistant features.

Swing-hinged flood gates provide either flooding protection or chemical containment.  The gates are securely sealed with 2 or 3 lever type locking handles.  The precision engineered hinges allow the gates to open the full 180° and this can be further extended to 270° with modification.

With the use of a removable centre support the swing-hinged flood protection gates can be paired to provide protection for wider openings.

The flood gate components are manufactured from construction grade steel and aluminum with stainless steel options for salt water environments.  They are suitable for constant daily use and can be left semi-permanently installed.

With a 50 year design life T6 grade stainless steel components, lifetime lubricated phosphor bronze hinges, powder coated marine grade aluminum beams, Flood Control Canada’s swing-hinged flood gates are virtually maintenance free.



Our design of lift-hinged flood gates utilizes a unique ‘raise-swing-lower’ mechanism and does not require any thresholds.  This makes the lift hinged flood gates ideal for pedestrian and vehicle entrances and especially for underground parking entrances.

Even the widest flood gate designs can be operated by one person using the smooth winding lift action and the single point locking mechanism. 

Our flood gates are available as single or double leaf and they can be integrated with our RS Demountable stop log system for wide openings.  Lift hinged flood gates are suitable for use in unmanned locations as they are fully lockable and come complete with anti-theft and vandal resistant features.

The components are manufactured from construction grade steel, stainless steel and aluminum and are virtually maintenance free.

Flood gates are designed for extreme weather durability to give a lifetime of service and with EPDM gaskets that reform even after prolonged periods of compression: the gates can, if required, be left closed indefinitely.  Where there is a need for floodgates greater than 14ft wide, we will manufacture the gates in steel to any size.

Aluminum lift-hinged gates can be supplied up to 4.5m (14ft) wide and 1.6m (63”) high and steel lift-hinged gates up to 8m (26ft) wide and 2.4m (7ft) high.

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