Unprecedented weather situations are putting municipalities across Canada into challenges where they have react quickly to protect humans, animals and hard assets. Unfortunately in those situations, time is not on our side and manpower not always available to act appropriately. But by far, the biggest problem is that in most cases municipalities can only fall back on the 'good ol' sandbag'.









Flood Control Canada has been successfully researching and sourcing out the most rigorous equipment for the Canadian requirements.

We are very pleased to represent INERO Products to the Canadian market. The manufacturing plant is located in Sweden (so they understand the Canadian weather as they have similar weather situations in Scandinavia). What we like the most about this product are the following attributes:

  • Easy to deploy to where the product is needed. INERO is stored in steel crates and they can be fork-lifted immediately.

  • The installation time is extremely quick.

  • INERO can be installed on any surfaces. INERO can also be installed on sloped and on flat surface; even when the water has reached 1ft, INERO can be installed.

  • INERO has a 50+ years life expectancy due to the material we are using (aluminum).

                    Please click <here> for detailed information on INERO.

Thomas L 2.jpg

This is Thomas. He was tired of building a 18,000 sand bag wall on his property every year.

Thomas is happy now. Please read his story <here>