13+ft (4050mm) Demountable Flood Wall in Northern BC, Canada

World Highest Demountable Flood Wall


LEDCOR Haisla Limited Partnership engaged Flood Control Canada (Kelowna, BC) in 2020 to design a 4050mm high Demountable Flood Wall to close a 7000mm wide opening of a steel pile wall. With an average annual precipitation of 2210.7mm and 210 precipitation days in the area, a reliable and high-performing flood wall was designed and constructed by RS Stepanek KG in Limburg, Germany.


The RS Demountable Flood Wall consists of 27 Aluminum Stop Logs per field width. The system consists of two galvanized side channels that are embedded into the concrete posts and two galvanized steel intermediate posts with a back bracing. The intermediate posts are installed on anchors integrated to a ground beam which will guarantee smooth and levelled surface even after years of high traffic with heavy machinery accessing the location. Flood Control Canada and RS are using HILTI fastening bolts for their systems. 

Shop drawings and design calculations were reviewed and approved by Mike Walsh, P.Eng. (Skmana Creek Consulting Ltd., Kelowna, BC). The installation was performed by the client. Flood Control Canada provided detailed installation guidelines. The installation hardware is always included and accordingly to the supplied system. The system was shipped in a 20ft sea container to the client.

The design included two steel trolleys for the storage of the intermediate posts and back bracing and the 81 stop logs and was successfully installed on time in August 2021.

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Water side view:

A sheet pile wall protects the location from the perimeter.

The side channels are embedded into the two massive concrete posts. 

Dry side view:

Intermediate Posts with Back Bracing.

Intermediate Posts are anchored to the embedded ground beam.

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