Single Leaf and Double Leaf Flood Doors

Our Flood Doors can be clad with a variety of finishes to suit existing finishes, so that the door becomes part of the building aesthetic, rather than as a post-construction add-on. They are designed to protect against flood and unauthorized entry and when a flood door is shut, it is flood proof.

Our unique seal arrangement guarantees flood protection to full height or up to 3.0m.

Our doors can also include for self-inflating seals where required.

Sliding flood doors or our heavy duty flood doors can be designed to almost any configuration – our largest to-date is 6.4m wide and 4.4m high.

Permanent flood protection and security with flood depths up to full height.


Single or double leaf secure flood doors can be designed for openings up to 2.5m wide.


Single and Double Leaf Flood Doors