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RS Demountable Flood Barriers ESH-KN being commissioned to the City of Calgary.

Center Street Bridge


Welcome to FloodControlCanada


RS Flood Control with its global distribution network is one of the largest providers of flood defence products in the world. We serve private, commercial, municipal and government clients; no matter what size, location or complexity of the project.



RS Flood Control is protecting what matters to people, business and communities and helped them to become resilient. Our clients became forward thinkers in flood mitigation and in preventing any size of tangible assets from the events of floods.



With unmatched depth of expertise in flood prevention, RS Flood Control is the leading marketplace for customer and clients who are planning to protect their assets against the emerging risk of flooding. Our team consists of the best minds in the industry to create responsible and creative solutions for you.



RS Flood Control is an intelligent network of service and product providers and continues to lead the industry. Our innovations enable and ensure that our customers stay resilient and ahead.


Partnership / Alliances

Trusted relationships in the marketplace is our greatest strength. Our community of experts provide a collaborative culture to best serve our customers world-wide.



RS Flood Control provides conscious solutions to protect assets, nature and environment equally. With unparalleled effort, RS evaluates all possibilities and solutions for their clients providing longevity and peace of mind; no matter how small or large the project is.


Flood Control Canada is individually incorporated and a division of RS Flood Control.


RS Demountable Flood Barriers ESH-KN protecting critical infrastructure

in Northern BC.



Flood Control Canada is the exclusive supplier with the largest selection flood protection systems in Canada. We provide our professional services from coast to coast and up North.


Our flood protection systems are manufactured in Europe and specified to the highest standards in the industry, providing the highest level of flood protection and safety possible for your assets.


We provide solutions and services for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications from start to finish with an experience of over 35 years.


We design, manufacture, supply, install and service:

  • Flood Protection Barrier Systems

  • Hydraulic Flood Gates & Flood Doors

  • Contamination Containment Systems (Chemical Spill Protection)

  • Emergency Flood Barriers (Mobile Flood Protection)


We are proud to offer the most advanced technology to protect residential, commercial and industrial properties from overland flooding resulting in water entering and destroying your properties and businesses.


Flood Control Canada is closing the gap between the uninsurable risks of water damage caused by flood for private residences and provides quantifiable measures to protect governmental and public buildings, commercial and industrial properties as well as water, power and nuclear power stations from devastation, malfunction or failure.


Flood Control Canada will design the flood protection system that fits best to your needs. Our systems can be extended to protect you and your premises immediately and for the future – innovative, efficient and dependable.


We work with closely with architects, engineers and contractors in your Province to ensure the highest possible level of protection and safety.


Flood Control Canada is an independently operated division of RS Stepanek KG Germany, one of the most trusted and leading company for engineering and manufacturing flood protection products world-wide. RS custom fabricates for more than 35 years and has one of the widest varieties of specialized flood protection products in their portfolio. Flood Control Canada is also the supplier for specialized flood defense products from manufacturers in the U.K., Sweden, The Netherlands, Ireland and the U.S.


Flood Control Asia and Flood Control Canada were individually incorporated to serve the Asian clients, as well as the North-, Central- South American and Caribbean markets. Flood Control International completes our network of experts providing a collaborative culture to best serve our customers world-wide.



Our Core Competencies

All systems are manufactured under a strict Quality Management (ISO 9001) and with the TUV Certificate of Approval. Several of our products are internationally certified FM Global. Our design and engineering team provides individualized consulting from start to completion of your project; small or large and every project in between.

Indigenous Relations + Partnerships

At Flood Control Canada we are looking for ways to build a strong and sustainable relationship with native service providers that supply indigenous communities across Canada; from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic and to the Arctic.

We work alongside with indigenous communities and businesses to protect their histories, cultures and values of Indigenous Peoples.

Corporate Compliance & Ethics

Flood Control Canada is committed to protect effectively our nature, our communities and the environment. We promote initiatives in support to a sustainable world.






Flood Control Canada provides a comprehensive professional design service of our flood prevention products.

Flood Control Canada will assess your risk location and our designers and engineers provide you with a solution giving you the best possible protection from floods.

We provide CAD or PDF drawings of all installations ensuring they fit in with your requirements and that they integrate correctly with the whole flood management scheme design where required.



Flood Control Canada takes its innovative flood prevention designs through the manufacturing process to deliver solutions built to the highest exacting standards using steel, aluminum and glass.

Our manufacturing operations are based in Europe.

Combined with the use of highly trained and professional staff, our flood protection products are consistently of the highest standard of quality and workmanship.


We handle the shipping logistics from start to finish until the product reaches its final destination. Our preferred shipping company: a.hardrodt Canada Ltd.



We provide comprehensive support to the local contractors when installing our products. In some cases we will send our certified installers to supervise the installation.

We offer on-site supervision for our customers that use local contractors during the installation process of the systems. Our engineers can survey and supervise the exact locations and work with your contractors.  Once completed, the flood prevention installation will be tested and training provided by our team on the correct use of the system. For smaller installations where the customer chooses to carry out the installation themselves or prefers to employ their own builder, we will provide full fitting instructions.

Service & Maintenance

Flood Control Canada offers a full Maintenance Contract on its flood management solutions, providing annual inspections to carry full system checks and routine maintenance. This will guarantee that the flood prevention equipment is kept at optimum performance and ready to protect your property when needed.


Additional Services offered:

  • Structural Reports (Design Calculations) + Documentation

  • Customized Solutions & Production

  • Surveying

  • Supervision

  • Feasibility Studies + Research