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Here is the work we do in Canada and around the world.

The projects are completed by us or our sister companies.

Any final project that is described can be provided to each Province in Canada.


Calgary, AB

Calgary, Alberta Canada

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Flood Control Canada

  • We provide fully integrated flood wall systems  as a retrofit and for new built projects. All systems are customized.

  • We supply to Canadian Municipalities, the Government and private homeowners.

  • Most of our systems are FM Global certified and they comply with the highest standards in the world; and if not all, they exceed those standards.

  • We are also supplying flood proof garage doors in North America.

  • Flood Control Canada is also providing Engineering services to our clients through our trusted relationship with AE.COM

  •  If you are in a flood zone and your insurance is calling you to make your property flood proof, send us an email. We will show you all feasible options and develop a budget and timeline.

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