MUSCLE WALL (Mobile Flood Protection)

Flood Control Canada is the distributor for MUSCLE WALL, manufactured in Utah, USA. It’s a uniquely L-shaped formed hard surface system that withstands the forces of standing and rushing water. The system comes in different heights from 6in (15 cm) to 8ft (2.80m). Each wall panel can be connected together (male – female-connection) to form a robust flood wall. 


MUSCLE WALL can be installed on any soft surface. It can be deployed very quickly and is reusable, reliable and customizable.  It is the highest mobile flood protection system available on the market. We are exited to offer this product to our customers world-wide.

MUSCLE WALL is primarily used to contain and divert water but has many other useful applications such as:

Flood control, Storm water management, Primary and Secondary Containment, Equipment Spray-off Zones, Erosion Control, Coastal Erosion and Levee Rising.

Ideal for municipalities, businesses and private residences and neighborhoods and an excellent and highly cost-effective alternative to sandbagging.


Muscle Wall for heights of 8' back bracing for maximum support.