We don't know what we don't know until we know it    #sandbags




If you are still debating with yourself, your strata council or council at the City or Municipal level what are the best options for flood emergency situations, assessing the facts is always better than making a guess.


And the following equation might be the most important one to understand:


Labour Hours (LH) = (11,462 bags ⋅ 5 min bag) / (6 workers)


Let me explain.


Lets assume that you have to protect an area with a total length of 100 m (= 328 ft) and with a total height of 80 cm (31 inches).


The total amount of sandbags in this situation will be 11,462 sandbags.

If you are interested to calculate your own needs, here is the link.


Sandbags and sand combined at $0.70 per bag will have a price tag of $8,000 (not included deployment of the sand! Trucking the sand is not for free. More to the trucking cost later.)


Now say you have 6 helpers to fill and stack the sandbags. Those six helpers will need 159 hours to build the sandbag wall. If you have only 3 hours to build your sandbag wall, you will need 320 workers/helpers.


City crews have to be paid and at a per/hr rate of $70 the total price tag will be $66,850 (159 hr x 6 helpers x $70 = $66,850). 


Assume that the flood stays for about 2-3 weeks. The sand is now contaminated with bacteria and has to be disposed at the landfill and you can't use it for flooding again and it is not recommended to just dump 'somewhere' or use it at the local playground. More labour hours are needed plus trucking hours. In my estimation, it will be about 60% of the initial labour cost ($66,850) at $40,110. Sand can not be used again nor the bags. All of it lands at the landfill.




Material (Sandbags & Sand)              $  8,000

Initial Labour                                       $66,850

Removing Cost (Labour)                     $40,110

Total                                                   $114,960









Our INERO System which is re-usable and corrosion free and has an unlimited lifespan can be build up in 1 (one) hour with the same six helpers (labour: $420) and removed in one hour by the same six helpers (labour: $420).


The INERO System (right pic) for 100m and with a height of 80 cm cost $67,100.


INERO System                                   $67,100

Labour Initial                                       $     420

Labour Removal                                 $     420

Total                                                    $67,940









For this comparison, shipping cost from the manufacturer to the municipality equals the trucking cost for bringing the sand and removing the sand.

There is good news and bad news


First, the good news: Once you have the INERO System in your community, it can be deployed quickly and it can be re-used year after year. For less than $1,000 labour cost, the system can be build up and removed.


Now, here are the bad news: The 2018 flood season is here and you still contemplate to offer sandbagging to your community and you have a price tag of $114k that is rinsing through your hands and will be gone.


Tax Dollars spending wisely


A one-time capital expenditure for our re-usable INERO System is half the cost of what sadbagging cost the tax payers and it can be used year-after-year. It stays, whereas sand (Tax Dollars) will rinse through your hands ...


The INERO System is manufactured in Sweden and only available in Canada and the U.S. at Flood Control Canada.

We like assessing - not guessing!

Assess your project with sandbagging here and call us toll free directly to get a quote for your INERO project.