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Our wide array of flood defense products are successfully installed in 34 countries.

Flood Control Canada has become Canada's leading flood defense technology provider.

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This 4050 mm (13.28ft) high and 7.00 m wide RS Demountable Flood Barrier Wall consists of 27 Aluminum Stop Logs per field.

This Demountable Flood Wall is the highest of its kind and was commissioned in August 2021.

It is located in Northern BC, Canada.

Our fully automated system for public and high traffic areas for immediate protection of commercial and community zones. This project installed in the UK shows an opening width of 10 meters (32.81 ft).

At this warehouse entrance we installed a flood protection height of 900 mm of demountable barriers. Side posts and middle post were pre-installed allowing for a very quick installation. One person can easily do the installation of the flood barriers.

Our engineers stress-tested this 4 meter wide entrance after installing the demountable system to an underground parking area at a hotel in Germany by flooding the sloped area to its maximum height. 

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This private residence at the Ottawa River was threatened by high water levels year after year. The homeowner was tired to improvise a flood wall with plastic tons and the thousand sand bags.

The owner is now protected by a 10 meter wide and 4 ft high RS Demountable Flood Wall that he integrated nicely to the overall ambience of the landscape.

Flood barrier wall (4 m height) being installed protecting downtown areas in larger cities and municipalities around the world incl. Canada to prevent from seasonal flooding.

Self Closing Flood Doors and Self Closing Flood Barriers are build in the Netherlands and tested to meet the highest industry standards.

No warning system or build up time is required. The floating wall will rises instantly through the rising water level. This flood system is not energy driven and operates without any human intervention. In case of fast flood or heavy rain the barrier will close within a minute. In the resting position the barrier is invisible and fully self-protected.

Self Closing Flood Doors are recommended for private properties.

Self Closing Flood Barriers can be built on top of a dike or quay to protect inhabited as well as industrial or other strategic areas.

This innovative flood prevention system can be used for primary protection (river/creek flooding), secondary protection (parking garages) or to protect private homes.

Self Closing Flood Barriers have been built and installed in many countries around the globe.


This homeowner had to use 18,000 sand bags in one year and witnessed the failure of his sand bag wall. The house flooded, the damage was significant and the homeowner physically and mentally tired.
His peace of mind came with the installation of his RS Demountable Flood Barrier Wall. His waterfront property has unobstructed Million Dollar views during the year and full protection during the flood season.