What you should know  if you live in a flood zone

If your municipality, City or township has recently updated the flood zone map in your area, you may find yourself right in it. How did that happen? 

Flood Zone Maps are being updated from time to time and especially after flooding seasons like the ones we have experienced in the last three years in Eastern Canada.

A change in zoning may impact your insurance policy and possibly your home mortgage.

Some projects for new home constructions may be on hold due to the new flood maps.

What is the solution to any flood risk problem?


Home owners (new and existing) can flood proof their home. There are permanent solutions that can be installed along the shore line of your property (glass flood walls) or temporary flood walls that can be installed on pre-installed slab foundations in any kind of layout in a very short time. 


Regardless what situation you are faced with, Flood Control Canada can consult with you to find the best solution to flood proof your home. 


One solution fits all may not exist. Therefore, Flood Control Canada has the largest portfolio of flood protection in Canada and professionals that will help you to answer your questions.

  One of our automated flip up barriers in front of a contemporary new-build residence

Email us and schedule your free telephone consultation and learn how you can prepare your home to keep your family or business safe during the event of a flood.










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