Self Raising Flood Barriers (Anhamm)

Flood Control Canada is the distributor for Anhamm, manufactured in Germany. This FM Global certified product is an automatic raising floodwall up to 2.0m high that requires no external sources of energy.

It can be integrated into existing structures and new-built projects. The system is always ready as it will be activated by heavy rain and raising water tables.

High-end materials guarantee longevity of the system and your investment.


It can be used for residential, commercial and municipal projects where permanent visible barriers are not acceptable, or where there would be insufficient warning time and manpower to use manually installed barrier systems.

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Self Raising Flood Barriers (SCFB)

Flood Control Canada is the distributor for SCFB, manufactured in The Netherlands. Using the floodwater itself to operate the permanently installed barrier requires no storage capacities and no human intervention in the event of a flooding.


The barriers are fully recessed and flat to the ground when not activated.

This system is fully customizable; each flood wall segment can be 10m wide and 2.5m high. Multiple segments can be linked together to create long runs where required. The automatic operation, along with its minimal footprint with no need for steps or ramps makes this type of defense ideal for unmanned sites.

The barrier needs to be connected to a drainage system; gravity drainage is the simplest, or barriers can be specified with pumped removal of floodwater.

Ideal for residential entrances and large coastal sites where no lead time for floods can be given.