Centre Street Bridge Flood Barriers

Downtown Calgary

Center Street Bridge 1.JPG

Centre Street Bridge, Calgary, AB, Canada with the Demountable Flood Barriers 

August, 2018

The Centre Street Bridge, an iconic Calgary landmark spanning the Bow River just to the east of Price’s Island Park, will have its lower deck shut down for just short of three weeks while construction crews work to install new flood barriers.

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Centre Street Bridge - Installation 

We would like to thank the City of Calgary, Hatch Ltd. and PCL as partners in this project.

CSB 2018-10-27-39433.JPG

The flood wall for the north end of the bridge and the south end of Centre Street Bridge are each stored on a trolley. The trolley stores the demountable flood barriers, middle posts with back braces and tools. The trolley gets deployed to the entrance and the crew can install the 2.40m flood wall.

CSB 2018-10-27-39470.JPG

Middle post with back brace is installed on top of the anchors (below). 


Anchors are permanently integrated in the road. 

CSB 2018-10-27-39506.JPG

Side channels are permanently attached to the bridge structure. The cover of the side channel is removed and the flood barriers installed between the channels and the middle posts. 

CSB 2018-10-27-39418.JPG