Chemical Spill Containment Barriers

Flood Control Canada offers a full range of chemical spill containment products to protect against chemical spillage, fire-fighting or deluge system run-off.  Our secondary containment barriers can isolate a whole site or just part of a site to retain chemical spillages or deluge run-off.

Chemical Spill Containment Barriers can be operated fully automated and integrated to the facility’s alarm system or manually.

Containment barriers allow vehicle and pedestrian access when required and save space that would otherwise be taken up with ramps to maintain a chemical bund level.

Containment gates can also be specified that swing across an opening with a dead level threshold.

A choice of gasket materials means that the right gasket can be matched to the requirements of chemical resistance, fire resistance and compressibility.


Our standard barriers are tested to the rigorous TUV Certificate of Approval for openings up to 21ft wide and 2ft high.  Automatic barriers and gates can be fitted with acoustic and visual warnings, obstruction sensors and anti-crush systems.

With a 50 year design life our chemical spill containment barriers provide dependable protection against contamination, chemical spillage and fire-fighting run off.

Skookumchuck Spill Gate.jpg

Split Chemical Barrier System with train track special seal.

chem spill split 1.JPG

Chemical Containment Pivoting System