Prod. No. H50

1,5 mm Magnelis steel plate


Height: 50 cm, Length: 105 cm


10,9 kg


INERO™ low barrier was developed for extremely rapid response to lower water flows. It withstands water levels of up to 50 cm. The low barrier is very easy to manage, making it suitable for the private market as well.

INERO™low barriers are made in one piece, with no loose parts, from sea-water-resistant, marine-grade aluminium. The material has high durability and withstands extremely tough outdoor conditions. The product is ideal for use by fire and rescue services or private individuals to stop or divert rapidly rising waters. The low barrier is suitable for all common substrates, such as grass, gravel and asphalt. It can also be curved through the use of corner sections – outer and inner corners of 30°.


Since the barrier sections are manufactured in one piece, they are very easy to assemble. The sections are fitted with Inero’s patented quick connector and can be interlocked in one simple manoeuvre. Specially designed polyethylene film (0.22 mm) is then stretched over the barrier framework, fixed with plastic clips along the top and anchored at the bottom with sand, gravel or heavy chains.

One to two persons cans install 100 metres of barrier in about one hour.


The standard configuration of INERO™ low barriers is as follows: 100 metres of complete barrier, with all accessories, comes packed on a special designed pallet in galvanized steel. The pallets are stackable up to four at the height. One cargo container can hold up to 1800 metres of H50 barrier.


INERO™ low barriers are designed with minimal materials. Their low weight also means reduced carbon emissions from transport. The barriers have an extremely long service life and are 100% recyclable. The polyethylene film is single-use only and is suitable for eco-friendly incineration.