FLOOD BARRIER H150+20 (Extension)
Prod. No. H 150 + 20

Sea-water-resistant 5,0 mm marine-grade aluminium, EN-AW-5754 H22.


2240 x 500 mm. Plus a 120 mm lip on one short side and one long side.


19,4 kg (support leg 1 + 5,1 kg, Support leg 2 + 4,5 kg)



Inero’s patented flood barrier, in its highest version, designed to withstand water levels up to 170 cm. A sturdy, durable barrier with quick connectors for easy, time-saving installation.

INERO™ flood barrier segments and support legs are made of sea-water-resistant marine-grade aluminium. The material has high durability and withstands extremely tough outdoor conditions. The sections are erected using a sturdy aluminium support leg with a foot plate. The sections interlock using a patented quick connector to form a continuous, flexible barrier that adapts to the substrate. INERO™ flood barriers are suitable for all common substrates, such as grass, gravel and asphalt. They can also be curved through the use of corner sections – outer and inner corners of 22,5°. The barriers stop and withstand both standing and rushing water and can be assembled directly in the water as long as the water level is no more than 30 cm.


INERO™ flood barriers are easy to assemble, with no previous knowledge. Four people can install 100 metres of barrier in about an hour.

  1. Connect the barrier sections with the quick connector. It is easiest to do so from left to right (when you stand behind the barriers).

  2. Mount the support legs. The two galvanised (M16) screws and pre-mounted nuts fit into keyhole slots on the long side of the barrier. Adjust by using a ring spanner.

  3. Roll the specially designed polyethylene film over the barrier framework, attach with clips on the top edge, anchor at the bottom with sand or gravel.


Lightweight materials and innovative design contribute to a low weight and good stackability, which simplifies storage and transport. Two cargo pallets are enough for 100 metres of barrier (barrier sections and support legs). A cargo container can hold 500 metres. After use, the barriers can simply be cleaned and reloaded onto the pallets. The standard configuration of INERO™ flood barriers is as follows: One pallet of 100 metres of barrier sections, one pallet of support legs for 100 metres, and a plastic box of 200 plastic clips, M16 screws with pre-mounted nuts and one spanner, and polyethylene film for 100 metres. After use, simply clean the barrier and reload onto the pallets.


INERO™ flood barriers are designed with minimal materials. Their low weight also means reduced carbon emissions from transport. The barriers have an extremely long service life and are 100% recyclable. Sort the bolts and screws as steel. The polyethylene film is single-use only and is suitable for eco-friendly incineration. 

INERO™ flood barriers are also available in 80 cm, 100 cm, 125 cm and 150 cm height. The size of the quick connector is the same regardless of height, which means that different barriers can be interconnected.


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