Flood Protection for Critical Infrastructures in Canada

Picture shows Demountable Flood Barriers at a Power Station

Message from the Flood Control Canada Desk:

No other flood protection company offers more flood defense solutions than Flood Control Canada. Whether it is for water utilities, pump stations, sub stations or critical infrastructure such as hospitals, airports, public buildings, our portfolio of German designed and manufactured products do their work when put at test!


As a result of climate change, floods can be devastating and can put public life to a halt. Floods can threaten utility buildings and infrastructure and can create uncertainty for health and safety to its citizens.

Special equipment, machines and chemicals have to be secured and brought to higher grounds in the midst of chaos and stressful times.


Flood Control Canada products reduces the flood risk for public buildings and public spots in areas of population growth including industrial facilities and utility buildings. We can help protect the premises from flood water damage by providing the right flood defenses for your municipal needs.

Picture shows a Fully Automated Steels Gate

Our portfolio of products can be used for virtually any situation; from small openings to wide areas of flood thread and as an alternative to aging existing infrastructures.

Picture shows the Demountable Flood Barriers ESH

Flood Control Canada is Canada’s Leading Expert for Flood Prevention and Protection for Commercial and Residential Properties.

For more information, please visit FloodControlCanada.com email info@floodcontrolcanada.com or 1-800-756-8027

We assess, design, manufacture and provide engineering services for your project.

Serving over 24 countries world-wide with over 11,000 satisfied customers. We offer a wide array of flood protection products for temporary and permanent safety. Our products are manufactured in Germany. We are FM Global certified.